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Natural Killer (NK)
Cell Therapy

Natural Killer (NK) cells are the first line of defense involved in innate immunity. They are able to eliminate a wide range of pathogens without prior sensitization. NK cells also play a crucial role in cancer surveillance and are able to work together with other cells to eradicate infected cells without harming healthy cells.

Their Functions Include

Kill and fight against bacteria, viruses and foreign substances

Boost up our immune system

Detect and control early signs of cancer

Kill cancer/tumor cells with minimal side effects

Limit damages to tissues

Benefits of Natural Killer Cells Therapy


Autologous cells without any side effects


Improve longevity


Lower risk of infection


Prevents cancer


Kill cancer/tumor cells without harming healthy cells


General wellness

NK Cell Therapy Package

Suitable for people with :

PART 1: Lab Test

PART 2: Imaging & Screening Tests

PART 3: Consultations

PART 4: 2 Billion NK Cells Infusion

PART 5: Maintenance consultation

NK Cell Therapy
Process Flow


Comprehensive Health Check (Lab Test, Imaging & Screening + Consultation)


60cc of blood extraction for the culture of NK cells


First infusion of NK Cells


1 Billion NK Cells


Second infusion of NK Cells


1 Billion NK Cells


NK cells are used as immunotherapy for cancer patients. However,
cancer patients are advised to complete their treatments before
proceeding for our NK Cell Therapy.

NK Cell Therapy uses a client’s own blood, which means the
client will be infused with their own NK cells and there would be
no risk of rejection.

No known adverse effects as the NK cells injected are from the
client’s own blood.

Clients are recommended to do NK Cell Therapy once a year.