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Health Consultation

Health Consultation

Clients can consult our F7 Wellness Doctor either physically, or virtually. All our health consultations will include a QR Full Body Health Scan.

Physical Consultation


**Consultation lengths depends on the topics and updates covered during the appointment.

**This Health Consultation is not the consultation provided by F7's Wellness Consultant

Our consultation could be required by clients for the following reasons:

QR Health Scan

The QR Health Scan Machine is designed in order to detect the magnetic field of the human cells and consequently through a meticulous analysis process to estimate the health state of a person.

The QR health scan can detect a person's health status and main problems. Health data will be collected within minutes from various body systems, simply by holding the sensor in your palm. It is Non-invasive, no radiation, no blood drawn and painless.

Our machine can detect objects up to 43 health indicators. The health report will be generated in 2 minutes.

How Do I Use My Health Reports?