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Healthcare Services

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" Your Greatest Wealth is Your Health"

Combining our personalised approach and partnership with Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Centre, we’re able to provide exclusive healthcare services tailored to your lifestyle and healthcare needs.

All our medical healthcare treatments are done exclusively at Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Centre – F7’s business partner

Our Healthcare Services

Health Consultation

Experience our exclusive Health Consultation – personalized, comprehensive guidance to optimize your well-being. Our experts will assess your needs, discuss goals, and develop a tailored plan for your optimal health and vitality.

Health Assessment Service

F7 Wellness partners with Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Centre, a trusted healthcare provider in Malaysia, to offer exclusive health services and consultations. With our personalized approach, we find what works best for your well-being.

External Counterpulsation
(ECP) Therapy

Discover an alternative method to enhance heart health, providing you with additional options and a fresh approach towards improving your cardiovascular well-being.

Allergen Allergy Test

Are you suffering from Allergies? The Allergen Allergy Test is able to test 52 common allergens in the region and how it affects you.

DNA Genetic Screening

Genetic testing identifies gene, chromosome, or protein changes to confirm conditions, assess risk, and guide genetic disorder prevention.

Post Covid Lung CT Scan

Post-COVID health checks are important for evaluating long-term effects, addressing persistent symptoms, and managing any emerging health conditions resulting from the virus.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells play a vital role in producing, regenerating, and repairing specialised cells essential for the maintenance and renewal of tissues and organs in the body.

Natural Killer (NK) Cell Therapy

NK cells are integral to innate immunity, eliminating pathogens without prior sensitisation. They also aid in cancer surveillance, eradicating infected cells while preserving healthy ones.